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Child guardianship is often used as a step toward assuming the full rights and responsibilities of a parent by a stepparent via adoption. In many families with a stepparent, the legal relationship of the stepparent and the children may not reflect the strength of the emotional bond that has grown over time. It may not seem necessary, until long after it would already be appropriate, to endow the legal rights and responsibilities of a biological parent on a stepparent who is already acting in accord with that role without the participation of the other biological parent.

The need for adoption by a stepparent or grandparent may not become apparent until some tragedy strikes the biological father or mother in the custodial relationship. What may have seemed to have been the family could be thrown into chaos if the biological parent dies and the stepparent has no legal rights associated with the children. The children may be forced to go live with their remaining biological parent. That parent may have much less connection to the day-to-day lives of the children. They may live far away, removing the children from their social support network of friends, school and activities. Establish a child guardianship now to begin securing your family’s future.

Child Guardianship as Stepping Stone to the Full Rights of a Parent

The decision to seek parental rights in relation to a child can be made quickly when an emergency dictates. An emergency guardianship might be sought in pursuit of temporary custody. Being named as a guardian of the person or of the estate may be the next step to creating a more permanent legal relationship between yourself and the children. A stepparent or grandparent adoption would be the final step in the creation of the rights and obligations of a parent.