California Judgment Enforcements & Collections Attorney

Enforcement of Judgments and Collections Family Law Attorney Gold River, California

50% of custodial parents do not receive all of their court ordered child support, which leaves more than $17 billion of child support uncollected, just in California!

Has your ex-spouse failed to abide by the property division agreement contained within your divorce decree? Do you need an attorney to help with divorce decree enforcement? I am experienced at enforcing property division agreements. If certain funds or property were not delivered, in violation of that agreement, I can help you force that transfer by utilizing the power of the court.

Property Division Enforcement, Child Support Collections

The enforcement of property division agreements may be imperative for emotional or financial reasons. After the difficulty of divorce and the disentangling of your individual lives you may simply want to feel free to move on from the divorce. Having to fight for a piece of property or funds that you are rightfully owed can seem overwhelming. I will take that burden on and pursue your property with all of my trial skills and experience.

Financially, you may need the funds or property that have not been delivered in order to make ends meet. Child support collections and enforcement actions when there is a failure to pay support can be the only way to make sure that you have what you need for yourself and your children.

Don’t hesitate to take action to pursue what has been agreed is yours. Your divorce was a deliberative process with ample time to air opinions and establish positions on a large number of issues so that everyone could move forward. If your ex-spouse is not honoring that agreement, there are ways that a divorce lawyer can make that happen.

For people who already have secured an order for their ex-spouse to turn over property or funds that they had not delivered, I can take the steps necessary to make sure that proper delivery is accomplished. Failure to follow a court order can lead to monetary and other consequences, even including jail time when necessary.